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What is Justnotes?
Justnotes is a simple Notes application optimized for Mac OS X Lion. It lets you create plaintext notes in a fast and easy way. Justnotes also syncs your notes with Simplenote or any local folders (e.g. Dropbox folder).

Synchronization with folders requires OS X 10.7.3.

Where can I download Justnotes and how much does it cost?
Justnotes is available in the Mac App Store for only $ 9.99. Synchronization with Simplenote is free - you can signup for Simplenote here.
How can I import my existing notes?
Selecting the menu item "File" -> "Import Notes..." brings up a panel, where you can select your note files. Justnotes currently imports txt and enex (Evernote export) files.
How can I search for notes with a specific tag?
Type #tagname into the search field and Justnotes filters the note list for notes with a specific tag.
How can I search for notes with no tag?
Type #! into the search field and Justnotes filters the note list for notes with a no tag.


What is Simplenote?
Simplenote is a free service which let's you create notes on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Web. Learn more about Simplenote.
How do I synchronize my notes with Simplenote?
First you have to add a Simplenote account to the sync locations. Go the Sync tab in the app preferences. Add a new notes location and enter your Simplenote credentials. After you setup the Simplenote synchronization, you can create notes which are then synchronized automatically.


Which files does Justnotes synchronize with folders?
Justnotes supports UTF-8 encoded text files with the extension .txt by default. Additional file extensions (e.g Markdown .md) can be added in the app preferences.
Why does folder synchronization require OS X 10.7.3?
Justnotes supports the Apple Sandbox feature, introduced in Mac OS X Lion. Sandboxed applications are not allowed to access arbitrary files or folders but it can get permission by the user by showing a open/save dialog where the user can select a folder. At this point Justnotes is allowed to access the folder and its content. Unfortunately the granting of permission to access folders is only supported by OS X Lion since 10.7.3 - all prior versions doesn't support it. In the case of running Justnotes on versions lower than 10.7.3, the feature of syncing notes to folders is disabled.

Justnotes 1.3.2 supports x-callback-url compatible urls to create and search notes. The url must be x-callback-url compatible. Currently the following actions are supported.

  • make: Create a note
  • Parameters:
    • text: Url encoded text
    • tags: Url encoded comma separated list of tags

  • search: Search for text
  • Parameters:
    • text: Url encoded text


Version 1.3.3

28 September 2013

Improved performance for searching tags and text in notes.

Allow editing exisiting Simplenote acccount by double clicking on the row in preferences.

Fixed bug where scroll position is resetted after sync.

Version 1.3.2

1 July 2013

Added support to create and search for notes via urls. See URL Support section.

Added automatic list creation for lines starting with the characters -, +, *.

Fixed bug where favorite star and "out of sync" dot in list view is not properly updated.

Fixed bug where entering `#` character in front of a word in the search field didn't search correctly.

Fixed memory leaks when searching for notes.

Fixed bug where archived notes are deleted when syncing with a folder.

Version 1.3.1

22 March 2013

Improved performance when typing text.

Fixed bug where archived notes are not exported.

Version 1.3

4 March 2013

Added support for new Simplenote API.

Improved displaying notes' modification date in the user's prefered date and time format.

Fixed rare crash when Justnotes was launched in another language than English.

Version 1.2.1

19 November 2012

Added option to export individual note as plaintext file.

Added option to hide dock icon.

Added shortcut ⇧+Tab to move focus from text view to search field.

Removed restriction of the maximal window size.

Fixed updating note on first sync.

Fixed importing notes under OS X Mountain Lion.

Fixed issue where Justnotes App icon is not displayed in the introduction.

Version 1.2

25 September 2012

Added support for Retina displays.

Added support for language French.

Added support for collapsing sections in the note list view.

Added syncing on exit.

Improved visual feedback when user clicks toolbar to start sync.

Adding searched text and tags when creating a new note.

Improved Justnotes' memory usage.

Fixed bug where printed pages contains an extra page with nearly content

Fixed printing under OS X Mountain Lion.

Fixed problems when syncing notes with Dropbox folder.

Fixed crash when entering ' in the search field.

Version 1.1.2

25 July 2012

Improved scrolling to last cursor position when selecting a note.

Fixed bug where number of notes was wrong when restoring a note from the Archive.

Fixed issue where the date in list view is always displayed in the 12 hour time format.

Fixed issue where switching between Notes and Archive didn't always work.

Fixed crash when syncing with a folder which was renamed or deleted.

Fixed bug where the note's title is wrong when pasting text from

Version 1.1.1

9 July 2012

Added support for smart copy/paste.

Updated showing all tags when typing # into the search field.

Improved stability of application.

Fixed showing release notes from the website.

Fixed bug where tags in popup window weren't auto completed.

Version 1.1

22 June 2012

Added menu bar icon to show/hide Justnotes.

Added shortcut (⇧ + ⌘ + T) to jump to the tags field.

Added tags and favorite feature to notes synced with folder.

Updated file naming of notes synced with folder (filename is same as note title).

Updated note list view to replace new line with space.

Updated vertical alignment of toolbar text.

Fixed crashes when syncing with Simplenote and folder.

Fixed duplicates when syncing with Simplenote.

Fixed problem when syncing with more Simplenote accounts at once.

Fixed showing note in Finder.

Fixed crash when exporting notes.

Fixed dragging note to another sync location.

Version 1.0.1

24 May 2012

Fixed issue when OS X language is set to French or Japanese.

Version 1.0

17 May 2012

Official release in the Mac App Store.


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