I've just released another app for iOS. Download it for free.


A simple, beautiful and powerful notes app for OS X.



Capture your thoughts, ideas and todos - no formatting, just plain text. One window for one note lets you focus just on the text.

Tags & Favorites

Assign tags to your notes to organize them in your way. Favorite your most important notes with a simple click.

Smart Search

Find your notes by searching for keywords and tags. Just type in the search text and use the hash sign (#) for tag search.

Always in Sync

Synchronize your notes with Simplenote or a local folder to access them from another computer and your iOS device. Enter your Simplenote credentials and you are good to go.


Show me some screenshots.

What people say about Justnotes.

Justnotes is now my favorite for syncing with Simplenote from Mac OS X. Simple and obvious.

John Gruber, daringfireball.net

There's a lot of little nice things in Justnotes and like I said - it's now my default notes app.

Ben Brooks, brooksreview.net

Where Justnotes excels is at its ability to aggregate several working folders into one app [...]

Cody Fink, macstories.net