Justnotes 1.3

04 March 2013 | Permalink

Time goes by and a new update for Justnotes arrives. The update to 1.3 includes a rewritten synchronization with Simplenote which is based on the new Simplenote API. The API is available since last year and other Simplenote clients like DashNote are using it already.

I’ve done some performance tests where the upload and download speeds with the new and legacy API are compared. The results are pretty remarkable and summarized in the following bar charts.

Legacy API


Upload Time

Download Time

The charts clearly show that the overall sync process with the new API is more than 2x faster compared to the legacy API. Besides being faster, the new API implementation is also much more robust and reliable especially after server-side note merges. If you still experience any sync problems with Simplenote, please drop me an e-mail.

The full release notes are available here.

Justnotes 1.2

25 September 2012 | Permalink

The new version 1.2 of Justnotes is available on the Mac App Store and brings some new features and bug fixes. I’m mostly proud of Retina resolution and French support. Read the complete release notes.

Retina ready. Finally.

With the update to version 1.2, Justnotes is ready to show its beauty on Retina displays. Even though OS X provides the system controls and graphics in Retina resolution, it took some time to completely Retina-fy Justnotes because of custom UI elements and the use of the twui framework - the awesome UIKit port to OS X (done by Loren Brichter). twui was also the reason why the left panel looked blurry on a Retina display because the framework was not ready for Retina rendering - fortunately this time is over now.


Great news for our French users - Justnotes is now available in French as well. I still remember the difficult times for French users which couldn’t use Justnotes at the beginning because of a bug. I received a lot of support emails and complaints about this issue. I’m now even more pleased to announce the support for French and want to thank mvauchel and Caverne for their great translations. Of course I want to support more languages and always look for volunteers to help out - visit getlocalization.com and start translating Justnotes to your native language.

Justnotes 1.1

22 June 2012 | Permalink

Justnotes 1.1 is now available on the Mac App Store and includes some cool new improvements. In this post I will describe the folder sync enhancements in more detail. You can find the full release notes for Justnotes 1.1 here.

Folder Sync

The most requested improvement (by far) is related to the automatic filename generation for notes saved to a folder. Currently the files seem to be named by a random string - which is indeed random - but serves a specific purpose. I don’t want to get too technically here but Justnotes has to identify a note, which is done using a unique identifier. This identifier has to be preserved even when the note is stored as a file. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t provide a convenient mechanism to store custom metadata in a file (this is also the reason why tags were not supported for notes in folders). Therefore the best solution is to name the file by the note’s identifier.

In the new version this is completely rethought and files are named by the notes’ title. The whole dilemma of saving custom metadata to files is solved by the OpenMeta library. This library provides an easy way to store custom attributes in a file. That’s great because Justnotes can save the note’s identifier, tags and the favorite flag to a file without making the filename unreadable.

What changed for the user?

Pretty easy - notes synced with folder now supports tags, favorites and the file is named by the note’s title - awesome. Oh and by the way, Notational Velocity uses the same mechanism to store tags in a file. This means that Justnotes automatically recognizes tags from Notational Velocity.

Justnotes in the Mac App Store.

17 May 2012 | Permalink

I’m thrilled to announce that Justnotes for OS X Lion is now available on the Mac App Store. You can download the app right now for only $ 5.99 (40% launch discount for a limited time).

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