Justnotes 1.3

04 March 2013

Time goes by and a new update for Justnotes arrives. The update to 1.3 includes a rewritten synchronization with Simplenote which is based on the new Simplenote API. The API is available since last year and other Simplenote clients like DashNote are using it already.

I’ve done some performance tests where the upload and download speeds with the new and legacy API are compared. The results are pretty remarkable and summarized in the following bar charts.

Legacy API


Upload Time

Download Time

The charts clearly show that the overall sync process with the new API is more than 2x faster compared to the legacy API. Besides being faster, the new API implementation is also much more robust and reliable especially after server-side note merges. If you still experience any sync problems with Simplenote, please drop me an e-mail.

The full release notes are available here.