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HomeControl is a HomeKit implementation in Go. It helps you to bridge existing Home Automation accessories to HomeKit. You can also use it to create your own HomeKit accessory.

HomeControl is available on Github.

Fork on Github
Raspberry Pi


Projects Using HomeControl

LIFX Bridge

LIFX offers a range of smart light bulbs which connect to your WiFi network. The LIFX bridge makes all LIFX lights HomeKit compatible.


UVR1611 Bridge

The UVR1611 is a freely programmable control system and often used for heating space management. The HomeKit bridge connects over the CAN bus to read and write values to the UVR1611.


Symo Bridge

Symo is solar inverter used in solar plants. The Symo bridge connects via the Fronius Solar API over the local network and makes the data available to HomeKit.


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Home lets you control all your HomeKit accessories from just one app. No more app switching when controlling accessories from different manufacturers.

You can manage your homes and create rooms, zones, scenes and triggers. Accessories can be added to homes and grouped into rooms.

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