Release Notes


10 August 2017

  • Supports iHome Smart Monitor: You can now change the Ambient Light Detection Threshold and the sound detector service is now available under the Services tab.
  • Supports Eve Motion
  • Unblocking of bridged accessory now works again


23 June 2017

  • Adds iOS 11 compatibility
  • Adds support for air purifier, de-/humidifier, heater and cooler
  • Fixes in issue where temperature was shown wrong if step value was less than 1 degree
  • Fixes empty today widget on iOS 9


18 January 2017

  • Fixes appearance of Today widget for larger text
  • Fixes crashes


3 January 2017

  • Allows changing the state of groups in the Today widget and Watch app


1 December 2016

  • Adds support for locks in Today widgets
  • Fixes issue when adding new accessories


26 October 2016

  • Long press on an item in the Today widget to open the Home app and jump directly to a scene, service or service group
  • Tapping on a Today widget item now also changes the state of a door, garage door and microphone
  • Provide haptic feedback on iPhone 7 (Plus) for swipe actions
  • Support Elgato Eve Energy electric current, current consumption and current voltage in event trigger conditions
  • Improve legibility of long text in the Today widgets
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where wrong scene is execute from the Apple Watch app


24 September 2016

  • Fixes layout of Today widget on iOS 10
  • Allows non-readable characteristics as trigger events


12 September 2016

Version 2.0 improves the look and feel of the app on iOS 10 and watchOS 3, adds support for HomeKit IP cameras and makes it easier to control outlets and lights.

iOS 10 and watchOS 3

The Today widgets are redesigned to better fit into iOS 10. The watchOS app matches the style of the Today widgets now too.

IP Camera

If you’re running iOS 10, you can now control your HomeKit IP cameras on iOS and watchOS.

Outlets and Light Bulbs

Outlets and light bulbs can now be control using swipe actions. You can toggle the power state by swiping to the left. Swiping to the right lets you quickly change the brightness of lights. For coloured lights you can choose from predefined colours.


2 August 2016

Support for the new Elgato Eve Room firmware


18 July 2016

Support for the new Elgato Eve Weather firmware


2 July 2016

Fixes an issue with Philips Hue White Ambience lights


15 June 2016

Better support for Philips Hue White Ambiance, Nanoleaf Hub, and iHome SmartPlug accessories.


16 May 2016

  • Better support for Ecobee thermostat (Thanks Francis)
  • Better support for right-to-left languages
  • Hide Lock Management and Battery service in Services tab
  • Show correct characteristic for group in Today widget and Apple Watch app


6 May 2016

  • Support First Alert OneLink accessory and Ecobee temperature sensors
  • Show service icons for accessories, in scenes, and event triggers
  • Show current consumption in overview for Parce One outlet
  • Show if smoke is detected in overview for smoke detectors


22 April 2016

New Overview

The list of accessories is now replaced by a list of services. This resolves issues where accessories with the same name couldn’t be distinguished. Accessories are now available in the Home tab.

Peek and Pop

You can now use Force Touch to peek and pop into homes and services on your iPhone 6s (Plus).

HomeKit Accessory Support

There is now a better support for Parce One and Ecobee 3 accessories.

  • Support associated service types in groups
  • Use Heart symbol to mark something as favourite
  • Consistently order actions in scenes
  • Allow unconfigured accessories to join your Wi-Fi network using Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC)
  • Hide Home and Triggers tab for invited people because they can’t make changes anyway
  • Separate time and event triggers in two groups
  • Sort triggers by last fire date
  • Show service name instead of accessory name in trigger characteristic conditions
  • Show checkmark for characteristics which are used in scenes or triggers
  • Show version number in settings
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where next fire date of time trigger was in the past
  • Fix bug where last fire date of trigger was wrong


2 March 2016


Groups are used to combine multiple services and allow you to change characteristics of those services simultaneously. Groups can also be used to create scenes. Learn More

Tab Bar

Rooms and Zones are merged into one tab. Accessories are now under the Accessories Tab. Groups were added.

  • Better support for Elgato Eve Weather, Room, Door and Energy products
  • Don’t allow event triggers to be enabled without scenes and events
  • Support boolean write-only characteristics
  • Show ⚠️ in widget if connection to accessory could not be established
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issue where list of accessories is not updated when service name changed
  • Fixes issue where on/off toggle is shown in Today widget for non-writeable characteristic
  • Fixes bug where temperature unit was wrong in specific cases. Now only the user defined unit in the app settings is used.
  • Fixes issue where list of triggers was not updated when next fire date of timer trigger changed
  • Hopefully fixes issue where no toggle is shown in Today widget for accessories


13 January 2016

3D Touch Support

Use Quick Actions to execute your scenes right from the Homescreen on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Event Trigger Enhancements

You can now create triggers, which are activated every time a characteristic value changes.

Other Enhancements
  • Improve support for dynamic type (different text sizes)
  • Show service name of favorite accessory also in Watch app
  • Better support for slider step values other than 1 or 0.1
  • Make it easier to see if an accessory is already assigned to a room
  • Provide links to help pages throughout the app


14 December 2015

  • Fixes a critical issue where invalid event triggers could be created. In iOS 9.2 homes, which contain invalid event triggers cannot be accessed anymore.
  • Shows + and - for Hue sliders
  • Fixes images for iPhone 6(s) Plus


9 December 2015

Favorite Scenes

You can now favorite scenes, which then show up in the Today view and Apple Watch app.

Watch App

The Watch app shows your favorite accessories and scenes. The interaction with accessories is now limited to simple actions, like turning on a light.

Scenes and Triggers Creation

Selecting a row for a characteristic, adds the current value as action to a scenes or as event to a trigger. Selecting a highlighted row, removes the corresponding action/event again.

  • Show service name for accessory which makes it easier to distinguish Philips Hue lights
  • Deletion of home now requires a confirmation
  • Accessories can be removed from rooms
  • Last fire date of event trigger is shown similar to time trigger
  • Remove event trigger condition for a specific time, which does not work because of a HomeKit bug
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes crash when re-assigning accessory to the same room
  • Fixes bug where no thermostat icon is shown for temperature sensor in Today view
  • Fix bug where jumping to a specific characteristic (from the Today widget or scene) ended in the wrong accessory when there are multiple accessories with the same name
  • Hopefully fixes crash when sending support email


2 December 2015

New setting to show temperature in Fahrenheit.


22 October 2015


When you use the app on iPad, you can pick up your iPhone and jump right into the app where you left.

  • Allow more concise control of values when using a slider – increase the value by tapping the right image in the slider, same works for decreasing the value
  • Allow changing the primary home
  • Allow adding more than one condition for event triggers
  • Does not crash anymore when searching an address for a location event
  • Support contact sensor characteristics
  • Show temperature values in Fahrenheit if accessory provides a characteristic to set temperature units


17 September 2015

This version supports new characteristics and event triggers introduced in iOS 9.

Event Triggers

Event triggers allow setting scenes based on events and conditions. Events can be characteristic or location events; for example when the garage door is opened and I leave the house. Conditions can be time or characteristic conditions; for example before sunrise and front door is locked. Event triggers are a powerful way to script complex behaviour.

Tab Bar

The Users tab is removed. Sharing a home with others can now be done from iOS Settings > HomeKit.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where tapping an icon in the tab bar navigates back to the list of homes. Now it does what it should do.


23 August 2015

This version correctly shows temperature in Fahrenheit and fixes some crashes.


15 July 2015

Initial release