8 May 2014

Finances 1.3

A new update for My Finances just landed in the App Store, which brings a lot of new key features like multiple account support and enhanced statistics. Over the last weeks I have received a lot of great feedback. In this blog post I present you the brand new bar chart statistics, which were one of the most requested features.

Bar Chart Details

One of the biggest improvements are the bar chart details, which provide an overview of your transactions for a week, month and year. There, the income and expenses are grouped by categories. The bars are colored based on the category color and labeled with the category name. There is also an option to base the bar chart on absolute (Amount) or relative values (Percentage). The following screenshot shows the details for a month.


Bar Chart Filter

You can now filter the bar chart to see transactions only for certain categories. Use the Filter button on the top left in the bar chart overview screen to bring up a list of categories. There you can select and deselect categories.

Bar Chart Filter

Only selected categories are shown in the bar chart, which is great to compare the income and expenses for specific categories over a period of time. In the screenshot below the bar chart is filtered to only show transactions for Entertainment.

Bar Chart Entertainment

The new version is available now. Download