9 April 2014

Finances 1.2

Bringing My Finances to the iPad was just the beginning. Now it’s time to add new features. The new version 1.2 includes a lot of requested features like passcode protection, Smart Note Suggestion and currency settings. In this blog post I will briefly present passcode protection and Smart Note Suggestion.


One of the most requested features was passcode protection. The passcode in My Finances consists of 4-digits which have to be entered every time the app is opened. This is especially useful when you share your iPad with other family members and don’t want your kids to delete financial data. The passcode can be enabled and changed in Settings > Passcode.

Smart Note Suggestion

It’s often the case that money is spent for the same things for example eating out at the restaurant nearby every week. If you use the transaction note to save more detailed information about the transaction like the name of the restaurant, then you’ll find Smart Note Suggestion very useful.

Smart note suggestion

Smart Note Suggestion provides suggestions for the transaction note based on the transaction category. The suggestions are presented above the onscreen keyboard where you can select one to set it as the transaction note. This feature will significantly reduce the time you need to enter transactions.

The new version is available now. Download