27 March 2014

Finances for iPad

I’m happy to announce that one month after the first release, My Finances is now available on iPad.

iPad and iPhone

With the iPad version, the app is available for all iOS devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Furthermore version 1.1 introduces synchronisation of your data using iCloud with all your iOS devices, accessibility improvements and automatic backup to Dropbox.

In this post I mainly focus on the accessibility changes by presenting the VoiceOver and Dynamic Type support.

iOS Accessibility

Apple put a lot of effort into designing iOS with accessibility in mind and provides tools and resources for designers and developers to make apps more accessible. Apple’s dedicated website gives a good overview over this topic.

My Finances takes accessibility to a whole new level and now supports VoiceOver and Dynamic Type.


Blind people can use VoiceOver to interact with the app, read statistics and charts. VoiceOver is available in English and German.

Dynamic Type

The app also supports Dynamic Type and adapts the user interface based on the user’s preferred text size. Larger text is incredibly useful for people with low vision. The text size can be adapted in iOS Settings > General > Text Size.

List of all new features in version 1.1

  • Optimised for iPad
  • Data synchronisation between iOS devices using iCloud
  • Full support for Accessibility features like VoiceOver and Dynamic Type
  • Automatic backup of all transactions as csv file to Dropbox (full version feature)
  • Monthly summary at the end of every month via notification


My Finances is available for free on the App Store. Download now

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